Bizarre Magazine once described them as having 'found a new sound, one that combines the atmosphere of classic horror soundtracks with modern electronic music.'But this is no B-movie project. This Brighton duo mean serious business. Previously signed to Wasp-Factory Recordings, Freudstein draw inspiration from music as diverse as Goblin, Depeche Mode, Slayer, Isao Tomita, Space and other innovators.

FreudsteinSince releasing their debut album ‘Mondo Freudo’ to critical acclaim in 2001, the band completed an alchemy of songs for their follow-up, entitled 'Mass Market Misery'. This 2006 release was a harder, darker, more personal affair that cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting and talented bands around today. Bizarre Magazine even went so far as to call it 'enjoyably haunting; when they get it right, it's bang on the witch's nail. Instrumentals 'Return To The Old Forest' and 'Laura', especially, could effectively score the lead into any barbed-axe-in-the-eye Argento moment.'

In 2007, the band self-released 'Dissected and Resurrected' a stunning 15 track remix LP, featuring cutting edge reinventions from diverse artists such as Swarf, Ewigkeit, Dissolved, Autofire and many more. Since then the band have been concentrating on writing new material.

Previous gigs have included playing Belgium's Eurorock festival, the UK's Black Celebration festival at the LA2, London's Slimelight/Electrowerkz, the Camden Underworld, London's The Garage, the Brighton Fringe Festival, and Rhythms Of The World festival.



Freudstein ‘Dissected & Resurrected’ (2007) – Released by Freudstein Industries
Freudstein ‘Mass Market Misery’ (2006) – Available on Wasp-Factory Recordings
Freudstein ‘Mondo Freudo’ (2001) – Available on Wasp-Factory Recordings


Freudstein ‘Freudstein E.P.’ – 4 track EP


Swarf – ‘Fall E.P.’ Remix of ‘Fall’
The Chaos Engine – Remix of ‘Angel of ruin’
Xykogen – Remix of ‘The killing method’


Darkcell Digital Music compilation ‘Trinity’ Vol 1
Wasp-Factory compilation ‘Working with children & animals’ Vol 1 & Vol 2
Unmediated Productions Compilation ‘Too much information’ (US release)
CND compilation ‘Leading the digital resistance’ Vol 1
Arkam Asylum ‘Learn to love your cancer’ LP – Co-produced by Freudstein
Arkam Asylum ‘Blistered Thoughts’ EP – Produced by Freudstein

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