‘Dissected & Resurrected’ (2007)

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Dissected & resurrected


Side A - Dissected

1. Misadventure (Gary Hughes 'Black Room' Remix)
2. Shadows (Ewigkeit Remix)
3. Return To The Old Forest (The Grey Constant Remix)
4. Robots Pt2 : Murder Spate (Autofire 'I Want More' Remix)
5. Robots Pt3 : Face The Truth (History Of Guns 'Commercial Slavery' Mix)
6. Wings Of Death (Agent Remix)
7. Laura (Dissolved 'Candle Chamber' Remix)
8. Robots Pt2 : Murder Spate (Ewigkeit Remix)
9. Sister Sleaze (Swarf Remix)
10. Looking For Answers (In The Now Remix)
Mass Market Misery

Side B - Resurrected

11. The Chaos Engine - Angel Of Ruin (Freudstein Remix 2000)
12. Arkam Asylum - Daddy (Freudstein Remix 2000)
13. Arkam Asylum - Blistered (Freudstein Remix 2000)
14. Swarf - Fall (Freudstein Remix 2001)
15. Xykogen - Killing Method (Freudstein Remix 2006)

'The originals are stretched and broken on the rave rack, twisted in the industrial thumbscrews and fiendishly experimented upon until, against all odds, the resulting hybrid homunculus takes on a hideous life of its own. Recommended.’ – The Fly magazine

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‘Mass Market Misery’ (2006)

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Mass Market MiseryMass Market Misery


1. Return To The Old Forest
2. Misadventure
3. Intro To Filthy Little Whore Pt2
4. Filthy Little Whore Pt2
5. Come With Me
6. Robots Pt1 : Conflict In Dollars
7. Robots Pt2 : Murder Spate
8. Robots Pt3 : Face The Truth
9. Wings Of Death
10. Sister Sleaze
11. Laura

'Electronic dark ballads team up with electro metal rides and industrial moments creating thirty nine minutes of breath taking dark music. Check it, MASS MARKET MISERY has no low points!’ (5/5) - Chain DLK

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’Mondo Freudo’ (2001)

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Mondo FreudoMondo Freudo


1. Live This Lie
2. Punkid
3. Filthy Little Whore Pt1
4. The Only Thing
5. Shadows
6. A Message From Our Sponsors
7. Looking For Answers
8. Servane Chill
9. Your Dream
10. Mark Of The Devil

‘If Alec Empire scored a few obscure Italian slasher flicks, then they'd undoubtedly sound akin to Freudstein. Shifting from dark AFX Twin / DJ Shadow style sound voyages to techno-metal...’’ – Kerrang Magazine

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‘Mass Market Misery’ and ‘Mondo Freudo’ Special CD Offer

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Mass Market MiseryMondo Freudo

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’Freudstein EP’ (1998)

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Freudstein EP


1. Theme To Freudstein
2. Strangest
3. Freudstein's House
4. The Devil In Me

‘A dark oddity’ – Sound On Sound Magazine

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